Betty's Icebox


Our signature Hawaiian style shave ice comes off a solid block of ice giving it an ultralight consistency. Choose up to three of our all natural syrups and top it off with sweetened condensed milk “snow cap” or come on watermelon Wednesday and get a watermelon shave ice in a half melon bowl.

Ice pops are made from scratch on the boardwalk by real Bettys! The pop flavors change all the time but may include: strawberry pucker, Jersey peaches, honeydew, milk and cookies or blueberry lavender.

Shaved ice cream is house made and shaved to order. We offer plant based and traditional options. Fun toppings like pocky, nutella, mochi and fruity pebbles are available to customize this unique dessert. Our plant based soft serve flavors change regularly, but customer favorites include blueberry lavender, matcha, and old fashioned vanilla. Artisanal waffle cones made by Brooklyn’s “the konery” are available in ten different flavors.